Win $100 By Blogging About Ruby or Rails This Week!

Posted: August 12, 2006 in RUBY

Hi guys, isn’t this Offer / Win $100 By Blogging About Ruby or Rails This Week! seducing ya ;)

C’mon, blog about Ruby or Rails. FYI i know this info from akgregator (yes, when i’m on my linux fc5 platform baby) well i can still watch my fave via RSSMenu from My PowerBook (Mac Laptop). So James Bond’s always here to watch… got any ideas? making RSS Tutorial for Ruby or Rails, huh? kind of akgregator made by Ruby or Rails… it should be very easy man! there’s even already a library for it, and you just can go for it man! :D or if you’re creative enough you could make it as a plugin argh plugin from Indonesia.. why not! But don’t you ever dare to ask me to do so huehehehehehe cos I’ve got something else to do, you’ll know why i wrote this if you clicked that link above hehehehehe. You know what, i even smell someone there making a program for mengakses serial port untuk memeriksa kuat sinyal modem CDMA via AT command (see? i’m even lazy to translate that in English, just copy pasted it sigh). This is one of good ideas to blog. Hey, once again don’t even try to say in your heart, arie, why don’t you just write it? c’mon, you can do it! nah, enough cheerleaders, time to sink in codes again. see ya!

  1. Niwatori says:

    Win $100 by helping si someone yang program serial portnya masih macet hehehe. Project ngopreknya kepotong dulu, kerjaan kantor numpuk. Ntar kapan-kapan minta tulung lagi yah rie, butek nih ^_^

  2. adit says:

    yeaah, arie you can do it now……. *SUPPORT ARIE* :D

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