Posted: August 17, 2006 in Mac, RUBY, Ruby on Rails

Congratulations to Allan. TextMate === Best Mac OS X Developer Tool.
I just miss TextMate soooo much when I’m on my Linux :( How can you mend my broken heart, Allan?
FYI : I’m always with 2 computers : (1) PowerBook [MacOSX] using TextMate to develop using Ruby and also Rails (2) Fedora Core 5 Linux using ViM 7 to develop using the same programming language.

  1. Jauhari says:

    Mbok saya dikirime FILEnya mas… si TEXTMATE sama Serialnya ;)

    Ok ok? tak tunggu yaa

  2. You can get TextMate from http://macromates.com/.
    You know what, I got this software hardly for the 1st time, as Indonesia was not on the list. Then I contacted Allan in private, then he made Indonesia available, so I could order it, of course after he gave me such a trust, I wouldn’t let him down by just giving away my serial number, sorry..

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