Ruby Network

Posted: September 9, 2006 in RUBY

I played Ruby Network lately. Sorry I seldom update my blog :-) as I read lots of book and seldom write now. I actually only add important links to this blog (see my sidebar) and also blogger links .. However, I’ll write links of what I learned from unless books which people should buy it. Just look at those ruby codes, it’s self-explanatory, so i don’t think i need to speak or explain it, even if you’re a newbie and force me to do it, I won’t do it :-P C’mon, it’s very easy! Enough speaking… Here it comes.. May you, Ruby Jedi, bring The Balance to the Force with Ruby Language..

And I’m so interested in these… below (oftentimes look at the codes) :


tinggalkan feedback konstruktif atau lebih baik diam

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