Ruby di Peringkat 10

Posted: January 10, 2007 in RUBY

Ruby naik peringkat lagi sekarang yang ke-10.

Ini copy paste nya :

Ruby is now in the top ten languages in the TIOBE index, and has been declared Programming Language of the Year for 2006 because it had the largest popularity increase in 2006 of all the languages tracked:

We are glad to announce that Ruby has become “Programming Language of the Year 2006″. Ruby has the highest popularity increase in a year of all programming languages (+2.15%). Runner up this year is JavaScript with +1.31%. Both languages are boosted by their corresponding frameworks, Ruby On Rails and Ajax. This might be a new trend. In the recent past it was necessary to have a large company behind the language to get it in the spotlight (Sun with Java, Microsoft with C#), but nowadays a killer app appears to be sufficient. Viral marketing via the Internet works! The winners of the last 2 years, PHP and Java, are the losers of this year. Other trends that are observed are the growth of dynamically typed languages and the fact that the difference in popularity between languages is getting less.

This is awesome… ‘nuf said.

Sebetulnya ada rasa bosen, males juga sih ngeliatin monitor-in peringkat kek gini, Pak Curt Hibbs emang yg paling rajin dah, soalnya gw (sambil jongkok nih ngobrol) ntar kalo tahun 2020 bahasa apa ya yang di peringkat2 atas? :)


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