The 5th ID-Ruby Meetup has been done, Next, February ’08, Featuring Widi and Irfani

Posted: January 13, 2008 in id-ruby

UPDATE: Related links about The 5th ID-Ruby Meetup (Scroll Down)

I read Rofiq’s report regarding ID-Ruby gathering (in Bahasa Indonesia) last night (cos I subscribed to Planet Ruby Indonesia and Planet Terasi, that’s why I knew it directly when the second Rofiq hit submit from his blog from my Google Reader), so apparently there were more than 30 people coming. I also have given a ring to my friend, In03ng in Jakarta, last night and apparently Monang also showed up and compared haskell to ruby’s assignment (CMIIW, I read from his blog’s archives or chatscript’s histories that he had been in Malaysia, too, eh? Which part of Malaysia was that? Was it Kuala Lumpur as well?) and Prof didn’t show up! :-P =D no worries. I knew Monang from Prof actually last year and I also read his posts on haskell-cafe mailing list.

Kudos for both Andry and Rofiq.

Thanks to Detik.Com a.k.a Agra Office in Jakarta for providing a place to ID-Rubyists events.

Now I’m waiting for related event’s stuffs such as:

  1. photos,
  2. documents,
  3. files,
  4. videos or screencast demos,
  5. source codes, and of course,
  6. reviews and feedbacks from attendees,
  7. like what made you happy about Kopdar ID-Ruby (for English Speakers, KopDar is an abbreviation of “Kopi Darat” which is an informal way of saying Gathering or Meetup in Bahasa Indonesia, more or less just like “Teh Tarik Meeting” in Malay),
  8. why did you come to the 5th ID-Ruby Meetup,
  9. what makes you want to come again if you think you will come again for the next ID-Ruby Meetup, (ex. hey id-rubyist is cool, isn’t it?, rofiq’s presentation was cool and easy to follow?, rofiq’s demo was great?, whoa so many jargons Andry talked when he gave Ruby and Ruby on Rails Introduction which made me so much curious and made me open and practice ruby at home every weekend starting from now on and stay up to date and will prepare more questions to bring on for the next meetup so that I will be satisfied, etc, etc, just leave your comments or discuss it open on mailing list / not just via private message or by phone.)
  10. what makes you don’t want to come again if you don’t think you will come for the next meetup. (ex. sound system trouble? internet trouble? problematic infocus? not-in-time meetup? lack of food / you’re lazy to buy foods or lazy to ask an office boy there to get it for you? 100% no comprehension? too serious? too much joking (due to Indonesian famous hospitality culture and geek’s habit, oops)?
  11. ………………..
  12. ……………….. feel free to add more feedbacks!

Next Meetup in February would be featuring Widi with his hpricot presentation and/or demo, and Irfani with his rails app (sharing personal experience) at the same place. There will be a follow-up on ID-Ruby Mailing List about the exact time when Indonesian Rubyists will be gathering again.

Oh, and regarding whether or not I will come to Jakarta in this February? I’m not sure yet. If it’s only round-way ticket Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur transportation plus two to three days staying at an hotel or an apartment and foods only in Jakarta or any other places in Indonesia like Bandung, Yogyakarta, etc, it would be no problem, the thing is if I also have to pay for fiskal tax (for non Indonesian, just for your information, that fiskal tax is a tax that each Indonesian citizen must pay whenever we leave our country abroad.

Just for your information, for non Indonesian, no problem at all if you don’t know Detik, but for most Indonesian who know internet, Detik is quite famous in Indonesia. Indonesia, a country which has many beautiful places whose total population in July 2007 est. estimate is 234,693,997 people living in Indonesia (For non Indonesian again, if you don’t know Indonesia and you only know Bali, yes, Bali is a part of Indonesia). And No, for Indonesian, don’t say I’m promoting Detik now, it’s just in case, you know, cos many of my blond friends here don’t know what we, Indonesian, usually know regarding hot topics in our country, of course I will honestly criticize Detik also if its services and integrations are crap (FYI I linked it to Ronny’s Blog cos his blog also brought up what I have had in my mind (in Bahasa Indonesia I’d say: Ronny telah mewakili menyuarakan suara hati saya dan saya sangat berterima kasih untuk waktu yang telah digulirkan beliau demi kebaikan Indonesia secara keseluruhan) about DetikCom as a whole or as a company / not partially for some nice geeks and non-geeks I personally know there. Oh BTW has anyone sent Ronny’s URL to so that they will improve if they’re serious enough? Cos if no one did it yet, then I will send it myself!)

Glorious Ruby Indonesia! Let’s build Ruby Indonesia stronger!

UPDATE: Related links about ID-Ruby

I opened my browser at midnight (KL Time) and hit google with this search keyword and here we go!


Title: Indonesian Ruby Community held meetup at DetikCom (in Bahasa Indonesia: Komunitas Ruby Indonesia Ngumpul di DetikCom


Heya… new cool faces, huh?! ;-) unless the guys at the back :-P Ah, Rofiq-Sensei.. hope next time you won’t get lost again to get to Detik, eh?


Yeehaa.. more photos…


More photos? just wait for our friends in Jakarta to upload their photos ;-) stay tune!

Photos from Andry:

Photos from In03ng:

  1. lahapasi says:

    good luck!


    Good Luck! Thanks!

  2. wah jadi pengen belajar pemrograman ruby neh, maklum blm pernah nyoba :D

    Nanang Suryana

    Ya, bisa langsung dimulai aja ya, selamat mencoba dan berjuang, jadi nanti kita semua belajar bareng ya, semoga sukses!

  3. Diki says:

    ah sayang lg ga bisa ke jakarta -_-


    かまいませんね、鶏さん、寂しくなくて来月集会あなたもデチックへ来ますよう -_-

  4. rofiq says:

    fyi the presentation already uploaded to by andry, get it here


    i added his links to FaceBook Links as well, downloading it manually would work though, but how come there’s no file at all if we do it from svn?

    m:idruby-read-only arie$ svn up
    At revision 1.
    m:idruby-read-only arie$ svn info
    Path: .
    Repository Root:
    Repository UUID: 8c265da5-a543-0410-bd9a-df48476bce15
    Revision: 1
    Node Kind: directory
    Schedule: normal
    Last Changed Rev: 1
    Last Changed Date: 2008-01-14 10:43:50 +0800 (Mon, 14 Jan 2008)

    m:idruby-read-only arie$ ls -lah
    total 0
    drwxr-xr-x 3 arie staff 102B Jan 14 13:28 .
    drwxr-xr-x 3 arie staff 102B Jan 14 13:28 ..
    drwxr-xr-x 6 arie staff 306B Jan 14 22:50 .svn
    m:idruby-read-only arie$

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