Good video can help me a lot in learning

Posted: January 23, 2008 in RUBY, Technology
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I’m lucky to see the live version cos I attended January ’08 Malaysia Ruby Meetup at PJ Hotel as well :-)


But if you missed that, no worries, our Malaysian ruby fellows got sponsored from MDEC and got supported by nice and happy listeners like us, yes, you and me ;-)

This video is one of them


I’m lucky I can learn a lot from our generous ruby communities, offline, online, just while having lunch, ruby, ruby, ruby, …. , while working, while sleeping, while dreaming, oops, yes, ruby world! and personal development!


Take a look at this BDD Conf Video, it’s one the best videos that had been released, sponsored by Microsoft, so this video screen/display is divided by two, one is for presentation, one is presenter. And it’s clear and easy to follow. From the first time I saw this video, *all* feeling mixed in my heart : happy + bloody excited + serious (I always follow it one by one from its video tutorial, so a video can act as a private teacher for me). Lack of video resources also mean lack of resources in learning it for me :-) cos even if I have the book, it depends on how the book’s author explained his writing to me on that book, that can lead to various symptoms, such as: happy, nodding, coding on my head, coding immediately, spec’ing, testing, benchmarking, calculating, lonely, sad, boring, sleepy, or even sleeping -_- and successfully these books became friends of my pillows on my bed.

Okay, back to good rubyconf video, when matz presented, I was just feeling like screaming .. and more and more when Evan Phoenix gave his presentation about rubinius, and more and more when Ryan Davis (yes yes yes I’m his fan! Hi Ryan!!!) presented about hurting code. howaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!









:(( Hopefully this will never happen again in the future rubyconf anywhere else.

Now, around one last month or two, there was “a new kid on the block” also shared video screencast for free about ruby, you must register or login first though if you want to download it and watch it, but it’s fine, hey, he does it for free, man! Besides, ruby communities are nice, they love sharing. I love sharing as well eventhough I’m only a newbie forever, I’m passionate in learning!


He explained it slowly, easy to understand and easy to follow, I like his videos. keep up the good work, Bala!


Now will almost hit 100 videos released! I had been railscast’s feed subscriber since the very first of their videos cos I honestly couldn’t afford to buy the commercial one, I didn’t have a credit card back when I was in Jakarta – Indonesia, and to be honest, an innocent Indonesian would prefer not to deal with commercial internet credit card transaction as we usually got trouble or such inconvenience (I realise it’s because of those carding practice around and many factors, including pointless laws practice over there, but I just don’t like when non-Indonesian generalise things in Indonesia just like when Indonesian people generalise things outside Indonesia, and I prefer stay away from such situations).

Last favourite videos of mine is Simon PJ’s Video! No no no, it’s not about Ruby though, it’s about Haskell. And never treat me as I’m good in Haskell, no, I just learnt it (I’m a newbie forever, remember!). Why I like Simon’s video is because he presented it interactively, if there’s anything that audience wanted to ask, just speak up, I like that, and even though we know who Simon is, his statement like “you tell me if I’m speaking nonsense here” really got respect from me! In fact, he’s one of my favourite speakers!


Advice for me or any speakers: Be a kind speaker, smile, be patient, listen, pay attention to audience, prepare if it’s not interactive or if it’s boring just come up with something fresh, stay focus, use clear language and easy to understand, don’t sit down behind a desk or anything that makes a speaker separated from audience cos audience might want to come closer to ask several things outside a session, so be nice and friendly,

what else? you wanna add more? Seriously! What’s a blog for without feedbacks ;-) Hello? Hey ada orang yang lewat lewat doang neeh …. Gini deh gini deh : Pokoknya top deh ;-) Gitu kali kalo pas udah ketemuan, ato : duh pengen banget ngomong tapi minder euy! Yaaaa…. gak jadi makan-makan dong kita # hwek, ergh, jadi OT lagi … kabur

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