Membuat Suasana Kerja Menjadi Menyenangkan

Posted: February 1, 2008 in BLOGGER, Catatan Tercecer
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Kerja adalah kegiatan atau suatu aktivitas, bukan tempat atau kantor. Work is an activity, not a place or office. (I read it somewhere at my office or so, I forgot the source though, sorry). What’s on your plate today? Say, I’ll set the current implementation of our application to support Open ID Authentication with customizable RBAC. Then this developer can lay on a sofa for relax but seriously rspec’ing and coding. Not to forget also eating healthy vegetable and fruits while coding and being massaged (either automatically on an ergonomic working chair or manually by a massage therapist). The most important thing is, this developer can deliver the app to support Open ID Authentication with customizable RBAC in time.

Cubicle atau non-cubicle. So people do seldom meeting then hide in a cubicle then do nothing or just surf internet wasting time (if you believe that time is money then it also means wasting money) then just get nothing. Or these people might try to say each one has the power to be alone to finish his target? Still I don’t believe in Cubicle. We can get power to be alone and not to be disturbed by implementing and giving respect each other of the way how we work. Say, for example, never interupt me before you skype me first! Otherwise I won’t ignore you, but surely this project will be delayed because all of what I had in mind has gone because you just interrupted me, why I didn’t protest or complain anything, because I lost my concentration already so I don’t need to protest again and again and again. Or maybe one can do also not focus too much on one thing so he can be punched or interrupted anytime and then get back to his focus again. It’s just a matter of working style, as long as the team can understand each other, the team will be solid, no need for cubicle! If right now you got no cubicle at your office, you’re lucky ;-) Just share your opinion with me of what’s your feeling about it, probably you feel like lacking something, like music or you seems are forced to use your not so ergonomic earbudd that makes your ears red + sick + torn ?

Satu meja ukuran berapa luas? 1.5×1 meter? 2×2 meter? How large is your office desk? Are you comfy? What makes you comfy about that? That large 20″ screen plus high tech mac laptop plus ergonomic keyboard and mouse would be enough?

Tinggi kursi seberapa tinggi? How high or low is your chair that you can sit down on now? There is also body language that interprets someone who sits down on a higher/unique chair is superior than a lower one. It’s still a fortunate if this creature with a unique chair listens and knows how to respond after listening, otherwise it’s just a “dagelan” playing, fyi “dagelan” is a kind of humour with stupidity (not for real) saying that it’s just a practice of anti criticism.

Warna kursi? kurang lebih sama dengan tinggi kursi, perbedaan hanya terletak pada nilai rasa saja.

Sepi? atau malah rame banget? berisik? berisik apa? bunyi telpon, bunyi microwave, bunyi orang-orang bicara, bagus kalo bicara kerjaan, kalo ngerumpi, belum lagi kalo ngerumpi di telpon dan volume bicaranya super keras setara dengan 5 kali lipat volume bicara orang normal padahal yang bicara perempuan (fiuh!)

Kalau ada suara suara pingin suara apa? suara perempuan seksi? atau lagu? kalau lagu, lagu apa? apakah laguuu aja terus tanpa suara ngomong atau radio? ini kaitannya dengan bandwith kantor juga, kalau pingin radio streaming otomatis kantor juga harus mendukung internet cepat demi kelangsungan kenyamanan kerja programmer.

demokratis VS hirarkis, teman semua sama, teman VS atasan bawahan, anak buah. Sorry this post is kind of mixed in Bahasa Indonesia and English cos I wrote this draft around 2 months ago, then I just have time to finish it now. Everyone is equal or it’s hierarchic, is communication going well with good responsibility and delegation?

jujur VS bohong, blak blakan VS pekewuh. Once upon a time in Indonesia, it’s impolite to interrupt 2 people speaking in public, they would say: shut up! it’s none of your business, lu ngga’ level ngomong gitu ke atasan, minggir! sana kerja kerja kerja! and there is time, it’s just right to jump in to a conversation and the boss is just wondering how come he asks so many times to encourage us to speak up and yet you don’t come and speak to me / mimicking the cool boss speaking

kalau misalkan ada suatu kantor yang mengaku sudah menerapkan demokratis dan bebas terbuka berbicara. Periksa memangnya sejauh mana kejujuran yang sudah diutarakan? Apakah juga sampai dengan penuh ekspresi dan juga disediakan alat untuk menyalurkannya? Misalkan seperti samsak dan sarung tinju di ruang meeting (jangan ketawa dulu, saya serius, karena saya tau ada kantor yang memang betulan punya begini dan memang diterapkan di kantor), jadi kalo memang nggak suka, bicara! marah silakan marah sekalian di ruang meeting, selesai. daripada kalau ada masalah, tapi didiamkan, terus jadi bom waktu. tau tau nanti masak kalau sudah developer hendak resign baru mau didengar dengan dagelan harus ke HRD dulu lah dan segala macam tetek bengeknya itu / hei, pegundal-pegundal jahanam tengik, kalau ingin ambil hati IT developer, selami hidup mereka, semakin kau selami dan kau pahami lalu semakin kau menyayangi mereka, maka semakin dalam juga rasa hormat mereka bahkan total loyalitas segenap hati mereka akan mereka berikan sepenuhnya untukmu, i’m serious, it might sound like love, but it is. blrlrlr why did I sound so angry when I speak it in Bahasa Indonesia? Because in my eyes I’m not really being listened? And how can I judge so? Of course from the proof. from the real fact. from the real action after what I talked so far, what would be the follow up? None! That’s why when people support you to speak up when you’re quiet, and when people support your brilliant ideas when you speak up or againts your different ideas, that’s the place why you got respect from an IT Developer ;-) It’s just a matter of how people from some countries implement respectful things to people from some other countries (this is why communication is important, get to know this from socializing or just ask). Never get hesitant to speak to your team, once you get to know each other and know how to communicate well, you will communicate better happily and no need to be hesitant (merasa canggung/sungkan-sungkan) at all. And of course it all impacts to your daily work, if you feel working is so much fun, why should do others? And still, when you said this, then some guys protest you like hey you still need to do sport, vacation, and the more you do this the more you’ll get this IT developer heart. Because you will just be like sinking into one’s heart when he’s just actually talking about his hobby that luckily his job is equal with his hobby.

sedikit bicara, banyak bekerja. or banyak bicara, banyak bekerja. or santai, sering bercanda, tapi pekerjaan selesai dan tetap perusahaan serius menjalankan usahanya. ya, it’s just a matter of style, of course none of them best nor worst. we set the vision, and day by day we must get closer to our vision, otherwise just consult to your advisor why is it so, and how to reach your personal development much better.

Update, link referensi (in Bahasa Indonesia)

  1. Diki says:

    saya termasuk yg merasa cubicle itu tidak efektif (buntutnya palingan surfing ga jelas atau ngebokep hihihi), semi cubicle bolehlah (sekedar untuk personal space), but generally untuk developer sih enaknya ruangannya agak ngumpul plus ada space kumpul2 santai di tengah buat diskusi + whiteboard untuk brainstorming dan koordinasi… sementara ini itulah yg kami lakukan di garasi kumuh kami hihihi


    cool! You’re also the lucky one who got no cubicle at work, eh?

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