Maximize Your Internet Usage to get Your Usefull Resources

Posted: February 4, 2008 in RUBY

Okay, so now you have fast internet connection for 24 hours? I’m still wondering if there was a kid here asking me what to do with that fast internet connection =)) While I struggled pretty badly when I got poor internet connection before staying in Jakarta (Jakarta is a Capital City of Indonesia / Bali is a part of Indonesia). Remember, “when there is a will there is a way”, in Indonesia we know a saying that “Tak ada rotan akar pun jadi” (it means literally in English: we can use root if there is no ratan, it’s just another way to say when there is a will there is a way, dude), or just imagine people with kayak then he got thrown out of his boat then he struggled to death even if it’s only one grass he will definitely grab it. Mas Ivan suggested me to coordinate this internet problem with the guy who owned the internet cafe when we met at Java Mal in Semarang in around 2000 or so (Semarang is a Capital City of Central Java / yes, Indonesia consists of bunch of islands, including Bali, why I always mention this, cos I know many non Indonesian people overseas out there only know Bali but do not know Indonesia at all / I’m here also saying that Visit Indonesia from official Indonesian Government Programme is not serious, naf said, just look at the proof!).

What do you need from internet? resources? okay. Next question what kinds of resources? articles? tutorials? video tutorials? audio tutorials? mailing list archives? I’m reminding to anyone who’s now struggling in Indonesia who got less internet connection, to stop opening mouth so badly and complaining to me, that it’s a lot! Hey, I’m asking you then, are you serious about your vision and mission or you’re just playing around or you just don’t focus???!!! Here, “you” only means you, the reader who got the same weakness like mine cos I was actually talking to myself. There were still tricks for that, asked the guy who owned an internet cafe to download everything you need, don’t let you be the victim of their damn slow internet connection by downloading many things yourself, just ask them, and pay them in total, negotiate with them how many rupiah you will have to pay later, I once paid them for Rp 100,000 when I was a student and that’s a lot for a student level in Indonesia, I know, then I sacrificed super cheap food like I ate for around Rp 1,500,- so times 3 it was around Rp 5,000 a day, Just never look at my current status only, look at my background. Yes I know some of those internet cafe guys often suck, didn’t know very much of the tools needed to get our resources, but life goes on, I now kind of smile in my heart when I remember the time I was angry to that stupid internet cafe guy, or maybe like he costed me that much by saying: “lha sa’jane kalo yang ini adja saya tu dah terhitung rugi mas, opo meneh ne’ ditambah iki mbe iki meneh yo piye mas”. One of my closed friends there and I got the same principle about facing these jerks, “ya sudah biarin, ini saya ikhlaskan kamu dapatnya sgitu, tapi saya yakin/optimis dalam 3 bulan saja ke depan, saya sudah bisa berubah lebih baik daripada yang sekarang, dan dalam satu tahun apalagi hingga tiga tahun ke depan saya optimis banget yakin pasti akan jauh lebih baik keadaannya daripada kamu. Sudahlah hitung-hitung sedekah =))”. And apparently that thought was indeed right! Roda dunia berputar, kadang diatas, kadang dibawah. Makanya kredibilitas dijaga, selalu inovatif, tingkatkan terus fokus di ketajaman kekuatan yang terlahir dari tau dimana kelemahan diri dari introspeksi, bahkan ada di satu sisi kita juga bisa memperkuat kelemahan diri dengan trik tertentu. When there is a will there is a way.

My background was not from a rich family, but of course I won’t say I came from a poor family, cos I think I’m one of those most of many hundreds of millions of Indonesian people that just feeling it’s enough :-) Oh well, up to this sentence, how come I’m now getting my flash back unforgettable happy memory and kind of missing it in my life here, what is that, nothing but eating =)) I miss Sanggar (Sanggar is indeed a strange word when we say directly this straight in Java island, cos people in Java say Sanggar by saying “Pisang Goreng” / fried banana with flour and tasty mixed Indonesian foods), Iwak Bepais (Eng: a fish that is being enveloped by a banana leaf then it’s being burned/so it’s not fried), Nasi kuning iwak haruan/ayam/daging/telor (nasi = rice, kuning = yellow, oh iwak means ikan that is fish in English, nasi kuning is a kind of like nasi tumpeng in Java, also yellow colour, but different taste from Nasi Tumpeng in Java), sayur asam (a tasty vegetable special from Kalimantan – Indonesia), masak merah (red hot chili oh no it’s not that red hot chili peppers band), sate (yes, Malay call it “satay” in KL but its taste is already different, it’s still tasty but … sorry I can’t explain it in words),

……………………………. These so many dots were a 6 hour pause to get my focus on topic again (of course after having salad and healthy vegetables and great entertaining things).

Ruby community is a very active community, if you want to keep up to date, you must stay on the edge, subscribe to blogs’ feed, do research and experiment and at the same time try to implement it on your real projects at work (if you’re currently a student, just make your projects yourself as your prototype – now do not laugh or feel like i’m exaggerating that you’re gonna be too cool if you do that cos i’m serious here – one day you can use your prototype when you want to be a programmer / for non Indonesian who reads this, I deliberately wrote it cos I know that psychologically most Indonesian Engineers lack of confident! For Indonesian, once again, JUST DO IT! NOW!).

What feed to subscribe? From where can you trace any useful resources you want? Here is my tips, I usually go to Wikipedia first, search there, then if it’s found I’ll dig deeper and deeper from there, I’ll follow extra links from there. I would say I’m *not* genius, but this is the same trick as my genius friend used, he said: “That’s the way how I became like this so far”.

Now, if you’re on the edge, perhaps you even still lack of documentations so most probably you won’t find usefull articles on wikipedia yet, okay then, you got to subscribe to Ruby community Blogs (I 100% hate “Blogosphere” term that’s why I don’t use that term here, arghgh shit I mentioned it once here! puked!!!)

What I usually follow is usually the guy behind the blog or information source (!) I don’t rely on one source only that I know this guy is also writing something on that source. Just hit or click weblog from there, you’ll see nice usefull resources like, jf who? just check it out directly from there,, planetrubyindonesia, and dot org (notice, there are two ya, dot com and dot org, they’re different). From this aggregator you’ll probably see Jarkko’s blog, railsenvy (providing either writing and audio ruby community progress), dave thomas, uh oh let’s not be redundant here, just keep up to date by subscribing to usefull resources I mentioned.

Did I mention mailing list as well? Oh well I thought by emphasizing following the guy was clear enough?! If you’re also a massochist you will definitely set your cron to do svn update or git pull from the latest source codes that those guys have just committed. Note: massochist is not a scary term here, IT guys use that word not because they want people to be scared of them, or even afraid to talk with them then prepare a hidden ninja weapon so this non IT guy wouldn’t be shocked by this weird reaction, no no, IT guys use those kinds of jargon because they usually feel good about it, so don’t relate this to advanced things! or funky thing (f*ck!) …. designing a good architecture of software applications then testing then coding is just the way it is, not advanced things!.

And did I mention those social bookmarking as well? Don’t forget Delicious! (or maybe without tags, Google for that) and delicious rails. If you know the guy uses different tools, run and chase him, like reddit,, magnolia, and google for that. Now never tell me that I forgot those (some of) Indonesian people who feel like learning from me, of course I won’t forget them as long as they want to run as quickly as I do.

I remember one advice or maybe quote from Hal’s book (Ruby Way 1st Ed / hell yeah I also got the 2nd!), “once your reader asked you as the author, he’s entering your world”. And this quote led me to another book quote or maybe advice (sorry I don’t that remember whether the author mentioned it as a quote or advice) from a book title Why Japanese Smart, Diligent and Rich: “Asking the author after reading a book, that’s one of japanese habits”. And now let me translate it in this internet world, if you follow actively step by step from someone’s blog, and you’re still not clear, do ask him, you can leave comments, and even if you’re so interested in him cos he’s bright of the same interest as yours, just send him emails, and go interact with him. He’ll point you to his more and more useful resources.

Now what! You’re feeling like you’re diving into the unlimited ocean or something? :-) The more you dive the more you definitely feel/think you’re smaller than you thought! Now don’t complain to me that your stomach will be exploded because of much info, if you want me to share how I can finish what I concern to be my usefull resources, I’ll bring them everywhere, let’s say for example I went to Klang (Klang is a place somewhere in Malaysia) by KTM on Saturday to see a doctor, and let’s count how long would it take! Waiting to get KTM at KL Sentral was around 15 minutes (that’s because I had my breakfast + lunch first [Nasi Pataya – Thai Food and Teh Tarik] so I missed the previous train that I could get if I wanted but without eating first for the whole day), then going to Klang by KTM would take around 30 minutes to 45 minutes, so it’s already 1 hour !!! Don’t just waste time, dig deeper and read those usefull resources we just got! I usually bring 2 books, one book is a serious one, another one is a less serious one (like novel). So if I’m bored after reading for around 50 minutes, then I can relax by looking around at those green trees or anything I found beautiful here in Malaysia (wink wink including yang itu tuh maksudnya juga ehm kabooorrrr) or I can just read my novel book, like “International Best Selling Author of The Alchemist – By The River Piedra I sat down and wept” that I just bought on Friday night at MPH. BTW I like this novel book, but somehow sometimes there are some spots that I think I find that it has deep meaning, but anyhow I don’t like this book has too much religious scene and brought up about so many confusing parts from its source and don’t say all religion are the same, they’re different, of course I 100% disagree non muslim categorize muslims to be some parts like moderate, extreme, come on there is only one muslim, ex. just be honest if you’re not a good muslim (yet) those who don’t do pray 5 times a day considered to be sinful, and don’t make any excuses, a good muslim would think they need to do sholat not being forced. Now Goddess? No gender, there’s no such one thing in Allah behaviour that could be considered the same or even similar to one of His creatures, Qul huwallahu ahad, Allahushshomad, lam yalid wa lam yulad, walam yakullahu kufuwan ahad (It’s “ahad”, not “wahid”, those are different words to explain “one” in Arabic, my writing was even wrong, cos it’s latin keyboard based and I’m of course lazy to write it with my own hands then scan it/meaning don’t do bullshiting the usage of “a” or “o” letter in “Allah” word). argh oh well I don’t want this post is going OT because of religion! I can’t wait it’s only around 10 papers left to finish, I want to sell this book to my friend with lower price! So that I can buy more and more books again that I like here houwahahaha =))

Note Number One. I actually wrote this cos I once promised to some of Malaysian students here to post my XML feed (compressed version) from Google Reader. But apparently there are also some private feed that I don’t have time yet to filter it, so I’m assuming that this post would be a great start “conquering” ruby. Now have fun!

Note Number Two: I didn’t use a href to link to external site because number one: I really don’t feel like typing exact URL cos I don’t remember them all, number two: because I do encourage you to think that Google is your friend (Don’t laugh, I’m dead serious! I personally feel sorry + guilty + regretted very much if I waste my experienced friend’s time by asking questions that actually could be found from Google if I tried to do a little effort)

Note Number Three which is not really related but if you’re being the object of the person who’s being told at that time, you will think it’s important,

9:55:34 AM HiddenRubyNinjaMaster: my most active period doing freelance (incl overseas) was probably around 1999-2002
9:56:20 AM HiddenRubyNinjaMaster: doing overseas work usually means staying up late, which i don't really do anymore nowadays
9:58:17 AM HiddenRubyNinjaMaster: youngsters like you probably are in your most active period :) just remember, balance your work with rest/play. take care of your health :)
9:59:59 AM CrawlingBaby: ya thanks for reminding me, i really need to exercise a lot more than just play with this hobby err work and sleep

Ya, remember to keep the balance of the force -_-

and then if you really think it’s really related with this maximize your internet usage, and you really can’t stop reading what I’m rambling now, perhaps you want to see why those IT geeks out there having beards, long hair, etc. And probably you will do a research of health and IT geeks life later? Like who got too much cafeine till they can’t drink or eat coffee, like analyzing why they got their own world although they’re just alone, etc.

Megaloman! Ok, ok, that’s it! that’s it!


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