Indonesia Ruby Society Social Gathering at Sheraton and Towers Hotel Bandung – West Java – Indonesia

Posted: May 25, 2008 in RUBY

Photographer of the top beautiful photo: Brandon


I will be at Sheraton and Towers Hotel Bandung next week, let’s have ID Ruby Social Gathering there at the lobby room!

Sunday, June 1st, 2008, 19:00 – 20:00 WIB (Bandung Time) evening.

Ngariung Bandung, Maung Bandung, Es em es-an jadi gawe … So for anyone of you who’re ID Ruby Members living in Bandung – Indonesia and want to drink and to have sharing knowledge conversation with me, just leave your comment here or just contact my personal email (ariekusumaatmaja aht gmail dawt com), I’ll let you know my mobile number once I got an Indonesian number specifically for Bandung region. See you next week at Sheraton!

Whoops! How about Social Gathering with Jakartans? Let’s see let’s see, my route is to choose whether going to Kalimantan first or Jakarta first, I guess I’ll just update this blog once I got my flight ticket to go to Kalimantan island and get back again to Java Island.


I took the first picture without permission from here. If the original owner minds about this, just let me know so that I’ll delete it.

I embed an Indonesian Song (Sundanese Song) from Doel Sumbang from Youtube, just let me know if the original vid poster minds so that I’ll delete it.


nah yang ini aja, gerak-gerak, tik tok tik tok, makan tek tek tik tok tik tok.

  1. Brandon says:

    I’m the photographer that took the top photo. Perhaps you could simply put the artist’s name and a link to their work if you wish to display their (my) work without permission? I don’t mind, but just a suggestion.


    Brandon (javajive)


    Hi, Brandon! Thanks for coming by. Yup. Updated! Let me know if I mistype your link and/or your name. Thanks!

  2. edpratomo says:

    doel sumbang dari jauh mirip elu ri.
    jadi hasil gatheringnya gimana?


    sewaktu saya di sheraton, “presiden” sedang diurut -_- kemudian sekarang ini karena saya belum terkoneksi internet jadi rencananya sih weekend ini, let’s see :-) gampanglah kalo saya semasa di indonesia begini semoga bisa lebih sering2x kumpul2x belajar bareng2x sharing dan maju bareng2x biar aset2x indonesia bisa maju juga di kancah internasional (gak cuma bule doang)

  3. Charmaine C says:

    Thanks for shraing tips on Ruby programming in your blog. Keep up the good work!:-)

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