Telah Terjadi Korban Berencana! Arie Dijadikan Pembicara Dadakan di BHTV (Bandung Hi-Tech Valley) 23 Juli 2008

Posted: July 24, 2008 in ノート, CAMPUR CAMPUR, Catatan Tercecer, id-ruby, Rails, RUBY, Ruby on Rails, Technology
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When I had lunch at warteg (or Indonesian Luxury place for food in English -_-) I got a phone call from a chicken, he said: “There would be a BHTV (Bandung Hi-Tech Valley) event tonight at bla bla bla (I couldn’t recall what the address he mentioned was) if you’re interested I can fetch you with my chickenjet”.

Oh well, yes, I’m interested a lot, thanks for letting me know this!

That’s it.

Then before 7 in the evening, he really picked me up, then we went to that BHTV (Bandung Hi-Tech Valley) event with his full of luxury chickenjet………. swing swing swing….

Then we got special dinner there…. Then I sat down…. yep, the event started with the host…. however, he mentioned my name as a guest that would be speaking about outsourcing -_-

Uh oh… I didn’t know this.. I saw those glancing of many eyes, I got trapped now, I thought.. well okay, I took that as a complement and nice welcome to me from a very warm BHTV (Bandung Hi-Tech Valley) communities (For non-Indonesian reader, you really must go to Indonesia first to feel and prove it yourself that Indonesian people are sooo friendly).

Okay, then, when I talked, I emphasised that I didn’t know I would be a speaker, I just thought that I would know many more nice people and have knowledge sharing.

So I just mentioned that I do telecommuting for Ruby Projects (it includes Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Merb, also project management) from outside of Indonesia. Because I actually introduced myself as a crawling-baby newbie forever and don’t work -_-

I just talked briefly about Agile Software Development, I just took an example from a local company in a capital city of West Java that it got nice inch pebble practice there on their wall ;-) No worries I’ll put their website link as soon as they got other Indonesian Rubyists there in their company that happened to attract me, only as a friend. So we can do lots of sharings and I hope more and more Indonesian people would be growing much better together.

OK, now my review:

I once read Budi Rahardjo’s writing from some of their sites (sorry I’m not putting its link as I don’t know where to look at their site) comparing why it’s better to do outsourcing to Indonesia instead of India, I just asked how its progress, especially regarding English progress? As I saw that the meeting was conducted fully in Bahasa Indonesia.

1) You know what, if I meet anyone, even an Indonesian, I still speak English! I don’t want to lose my reflex to think in English even though I’m currently in Indonesia. People in Indonesia don’t use English as people in Kuala Lumpur. Most of people use tribe language, even bahasa Indonesia is their second language. Indonesian people actually really want to be able to speak English, but their culture doesn’t support that, for me, if Indonesian culture doesn’t support that, I *will* make that culture! I know it wouldn’t impact those hundreds of millions of people, but it impacts people surrounding me, no need to be ashamed to speak English lah, just do it!

2) there was no internet connection, fortunately I brought my HSDPA modem so that I could contact someone in Europe.

3) seems aircond didn’t work, but it’s okay though as West Java is already considered cold to most people. I might get too excited of having this nice weather :-) I usually relied too much on aircond while I was in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, because I just can’t go out while it’s hot, my skin is problematics. My skin is always okay and healthy if the weather is cold (below 24 C) and the environment is clean. I luckily got an apartment with good service that they clean my room every morning! that’s already including laundry, they wash my clothes and I got everything neat in my room.

4) I’m glad that in Indonesia there are people like BHTV communities who got regular monthly meetup at a nice place. I’m not saying that BHTV is perfect, I’m saying that it’s good. I hope many many more Indonesian people will grow much better and can compete in international level and in international standard. In bahasa Indonesia I would say: secara keseluruhan, acaranya cukup bagus.

5) I bet that it’s too hassle for them wearing those formal dress! I was the only one who wore shirts and short. You know what! I really knew that there were many stars of anxiety and curiousity from those attendees’ eyes but they’re just too afraid to speak! Hey my nationality is Indonesia, so I do know Indonesian culture, just arrange those chairs to be better. Make it a circle instead of formal meeting like that, or just sit down on the floor with pillows and nice carpets there, people must be relax and open, most important thing is that they can throw their ideas and share many things, make the discussion more interactive, people musn’t be just quiet only because they saw a ‘big’ guy like me (Indonesian standard/not Russian standard for a word ‘big’) just getting back from outside of Indonesia (FYI most of Indonesian people never go abroad).

6) I have a dream that one day, we, ruby communities, will make a conference together with many supports from all open source world in Indonesia, I have a dream that one day, Indonesian people together with Indonesian Government, Indonesian companies would be happy to support each other to make a conference happened, I have a dream that those so many open source communities in Indonesia gather together in that conference. I have a dream today!

  1. adit says:

    you’re right dude, we better than india hauhauahuahau

    actually, bandung is pretty hot right now, if you want to use “aircond” without aircond you should give cihanjuang or lembang a chance

    btw, my english isn’t perfect but i like you drop a posting with english rather than bahasa ?


    because your indonesian posting frequently “acak-kadut-pisan”, hard to understand sometime (peace ah :D )


    Woohoo! Long Live Coldness of West Java Island! I heard in Bandung itself the weather at night is already 11 C – 19 C, I guess even much colder and nicer in a region up there. But will there be fast internet as well? Hm, I doubt it…

  2. Diki says:

    Mission accomplished, package has been delivered *evil laugh* We appreciate your knowledge sharing very much, Rie, thank you very much! If the bhtv monthly meeting is considered too formal, we can arrange some bar camp or informal code camp like we did at ciwalk foodcourt last year ;) I’ve found a nice and cozy place to hangout. Wanna try?


    Let’s make the agenda clear, if the agenda is clear, of course I’m interested.

  3. uwiuw says:

    sy juga punya mimpi serupa kalau ada web startups indonesia yg bisa berkelahi di kancah internasional sebagaimana google dan yahoo. Sy punya mimpi itu sejak lama. tapi agak ngak yakin juga. Btw, are you really an indonesiaan. cause for most part, you seem somebody else who come with a subversif ideo of how indonesian should speak ? hehehe beware, maybe, we will fetch you someday, and ask for ‘a traktir’ hehehehe. piss ah!


    I’m still an Indonesian so far.

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