Five days to go to Ruby on Rails Seminar and Workshop at Institut Teknologi Telkom (IT TELKOM) West Java Indonesia

Posted: August 31, 2008 in RUBY

I have been through tough weeks, going back and forth Jakarta – West Java once and even twice a week. As I would be living in Jakarta starting from tomorrow. But I’d go to West Java on Saturday morning to be one of public speakers at Ruby on Rails Seminar, I will be talking about Agile Software Development. Then get back to Jakarta again on Sunday (a day after that) while bringing all of my stuffs to Jakarta. fhew…

Hendy and I just checked and rechecked ITTELKOM, or abbreviated as “ITT” only, more or less like “ee tay tay” is how to pronounce it correctly in Indonesian, not “Aye Tee Tee” like English, seminar room, meh it’s not a room, it’s a HALL, large hall! and also the workshop room. There will be more than three hundred people attending. People at ITT said that it’s easy to gather thousands of people to gather for a Seminar and a workshop. GLORIOUS INDONESIA!

They got cool and nice ready projector up before the white screen, then the VGA cable is just ready to plug into the laptop super easily.

My whole impression about ITT is good. I want to write longer than this, but I have to go to my new place in Jakarta tomorrow morning at half past five (GMT+7). I’ll only be available for Ruby telecommuting work for 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, so 10 hours each weekend. Other than that, I need to focus on my work in Jakarta Indonesia as my new base, well it’s not new, eh, I had been in Jakarta Indonesia before staying in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

So tomorrow and 2 or 3 days after tomorrow Hendy and ITT students will prepare tools and anything to support the workshop, while I would prepare my slide at night. For friends at ITT do remember to check and recheck again about ergonomic microphone, eh?! and also please make sure that microphone and laptop adjustment while doing seminar later would be done pretty quickly otherwise it won’t be effective and efficient.

Here’s my expectation as someone closed to Industry. We, Indonesian people, need to regenerate, I want more and more Indonesian people grow together and become much better than me. To fill and answer those Industrial needs. I hope by integrating Industrial power and campus power, it’ll bring new enlightenments to Indonesia. Right NOW, HERE, on my blog, I’m just GLANCING at INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT just in ONE SECOND.

OK, that’s it. I need to take a rest now.


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