Languages I speak

1. Bahasa Indonesia (mother tongue). Although it’s my mother tongue, I never used it even in my heart doing self acuity, unless I’m forced to use this language to communicate with people in Indonesia who don’t speak English.

2. English. Near good I guess, I’m thriving to think quickly in English, speak English reflexly and all full packed with full expressions, my heart speaks and counts in English, I dream mostly in English. My friends who are native speakers said to me that my English is fluent, and that Arie is a quick learner, and they always encourage me to speak up, that there is nothing to be afraid of while speaking whatever that is. They said this to me because I was afraid to talk and seldom talk (in 2007, not anymore though since 2008!

Languages I have been learning and need to practice whenever I got native speaker friends

1. French / francais. Not bad so far, a good friend of mine who is a French will say that, but if a French native speaker speaks to me I don’t think I can follow smoothly, I must get lost, I need to practice my French more often, French speaking countries, watch out!

2. Japanese / nihon go. Not bad so far, I once only remembered 500 Kanji words then decreased because I didn’t use it, I forgot many kotoba / japanese words. I started learning Japanese by myself since my 2nd grade student at Senior High School. I didn’t learn Japanese from anime because that’s not the right way to do it. I learned it from books, video (dorama), cassette, going to Japan, learning by doing, and practicing it.

3. Javanese. I can understand Javanese, I just don’t feel like speaking it. I graduated from Senior High School in Semarang, Capital City of Central Java Indonesia. This is why I MUST be able to understand it. Also when I was little, I visited my grandma in Surabaya, Capital City of East Java Indonesia, although my grandma speaks Kutainese but people over there speak Javanese, this is why I also understand a little bit of Javanese at this part of Java island in Indonesia. I also went to Yogyakarta several times when I was in Semarang as I also got my families who stay there. If you don’t know Yogyakarta, you probably know Borobudur temple is located near Magelang, it’s near Yogya.

Dialects I sense intuitively

1. Ruby on Rails (since 2005). If you also speak with Ruby on Rails code excellently, come to me, let’s speak with our codes happily :-)

2. Dvorak Keyboard Layout (since 2009). Why? Read this hilarious comic to see why.

3. Agile Project Management (since 2008). Call it whatever you want, Agile, Iterative, Incremental, SCRUM, Whatever works, Kanban, Best Proven Software Development Strategy. We’ll choose the most efficient and best.