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We invite you guys, internet junkies, internet marketers, enterpreneurs, students, anyone who wants to socialise with Indonesian Rubyists, to attend Jakarta.rb July 2009.

As Indonesian Rubyists’ members request, we’ll cover Ruby on Rails Deployment from the Guru, and Suprie would want to pay his debt to present about Ruby Design Pattern two months ago.


Suprianto Pt (Software Engineer at Detik.Com) – “Ruby Design Patterns” “Rails Vim Demo”

Eddy Yuniar (System Architect at Detik.Com) – “JRuby on Rails Deployment on GlassFish”

Achmad Gozali (Software Engineer at Detik.Com) – “Ruby on Rails Deployment with Capistrano and Phusion Passenger”


Gerry Leo Nugroho.


  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation and Discussion
  3. Free Lunch

RSVP: (in Bahasa Indonesia)


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