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After successfully going to ITTELKOM Bandung West Java Indonesia (Institut Teknologi Telkom / Telkom Technology Institute) in regards to introducing Ruby on Rails last year, this year the ambush would be at Unas Jakarta Indonesia (Universitas Nasional / National University) together with MySQL Indonesia Communities on Friday, September 11, 2009. 4:30pm – 5:30pm.


(1) Arie Kusuma Atmaja (Rubyist)Ruby itu apa sih?! (meaning: Ruby Introduction)

(2) Michael Smith (Ruby on Rails Developer)Ruby on Rails Introduction

(3) Idris Khanafi (Senior Database Administrator at Detik.Com)MySQL

RSVP @ Facebook Event. It’s totally FREE!.

Majulah Segenap Open Source Indonesia! Industry world and Education world must be united!

Vision (The What) leads people to his destiny. Mission (The What) comes as a summary statement of a vision. Big Pictures (The How) draws how to get to the destiny.

Hope. Comes from problems. Solution is the result of questions.

Introducing a new form of community. ID Integrator.

Welcome to Indonesian High Tech Ecosystem!

Wondering of which technologies to solve your domain vision and mission? Wondering where you can meet all various techie guys with enterpreneurship mentality? Wondering of creating PoC of some technologies you want to use?

Meet Us! ID Integrator. Let’s grab the solution. Together! we’re powerful!

This integrated community has been inspired by visionary people from open source communities who are tired of unproductive flame wars, trolls, immature conversation, like what tool do you use to play blah blah blah without any clear vision and mission beneath the tools’ sharpness.

First kick-off meetup attendance were:

  1. Hasant (Perl Lover, who comes up with this idea the very first time)
  2. Steven (The pioneer of many open source mailing list communities in Indonesia)
  3. Edwin Pratomo (Alpha Geek)
  4. Jay (Perl Lover)
  5. ArieKeren (Ruby Hobbyist who currently seeks the essence of life)
  6. Eddy (Alpha Geek)
  7. Rizki (Balanced Geek)

held at Pizza Hut Plaza Semanggi in around June 2009.

ID-Integrator name itself was inspired by Steven Haryanto.

ID-Integrator is a place for any people who concern of High Tech Ecosystem, no matter coming from any backgrounds. Nerd. Enterpreneur. Geek. Alpha Geek. Hacker. Programmer. Teacher. Student. As long as there is “no blind dogma” for one specific choice, you’re welcomed at this community.

While I believe none of our members would be called superior than others. We are all just open source participants who also concern of high tech ecosystem, proper education and infrastructure to anyone anywhere (especially in Indonesia).

We see. We learn. We share.

So far our basecamp is at GoogleGroup.

There is a link at LinkedIn Group and FaceBook Page.

FAQ, Resumes, synopsis of any worth threads would be placed at GoogleGroup.

The trigger why I created a google group was because of this thread. the same topic comes once in a while, this time, from Hendro in Australia. Having same interest. We unite.

We discuss our agenda at Googlegroup mailing list.

Sumber asli Facebook event oleh Gozali

Jakarta.rb yang pertama di tahun 2009 ini akan menghadirkan para Rubyist yang akan bercerita pengalamannya menggunakan Framework Ruby on Rails.

Mas Fajar dulu merupakan Java Developer yang akhirnya nggak mau lagi balik ke Java setelah merasakan magic – magic dari Ruby on Rails, kemudian Shinta yang terjerumus ke Ruby on Rails karena terpesona magic Rails yang sangat terkenal “Creating Blog in 10 minutes”, dan Gesit yang akan menceritakan pengalamannya dengan Rails setelah hidup bersama PHP.

Di sini juga kita akan ngobrol – ngobrol sedikit tentang event yang lebih besar ruang lingkupnya, sapa tau bisa ngundang Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto atau David Heinemeier Hansson ke Indonesia.

Narasumber :
– Fajar Budiprasetyo (
w2tags by Widi Harsojo
Shinta Maharkesti (Professional Ruby Freelancer)
R.Gesit Prasasti Alam (
– Others (to be updated.)

Anda ingin berbagi di sini, silakan contact Gozali, Gesit atau Gerry (via facebook)

It’s free!!

So.. Join us! We don’t bite!

Jakarta.rb April 2009


18 April 2009, 10.00 – 13.00 WIB


Aldevco Octagon Building Lt. 2

Free snacks and drinks !!